Preparedness Tip 3: Prepare an Evacuation Plan

Protecting our precious families is paramount during a disaster. Planning an emergency evacuation plan before a storm strikes can help ensure their safety. Fort Bend County is a pass-through county and does not evacuate for hurricanes. However, if you choose to leave the area, officials recommend taking these strategic steps to be prepared:

  • Residents with access and functional needs should dial 211 for guidance/assistance and register with Enable Fort Bend, a county agency in the Health and Human Services department.
  • Decide a specific location/locations where your family will travel when you evacuate
  • Familiarize yourselves with local evacuation travel routes; monitor news reports to avoid traffic congestion and delays
  • Drive the emergency routes and plot alternative routes on a map
  • Fill up gas tanks
  • Make sure cell phones are fully charged; purchase calling cards for pay phones in case cell phones aren't available; program "ICE" (in case of emergency) numbers in all cell phones
  • Pack a few travel bags with important documents, food, water, medicines, medical equipment, clothing and shoes
  • Have a family communication plan. Identify a relative who lives outside the area that all family members can call to inform of their location/condition in the event you are separated during or after the disaster
  • Protect your pets: Have a pet-emergency kit ready including food, water, medicines and supplies